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Back in the days of Cafemom drama, moms bickered over petty things such as bragging about being the perfect mom with perfect kids that never did any wrong. Anyone that would posts how their kids did wrong, they got a lecture from the perfect mom. We would hear about how their kid would never do something like that because they raised them right.

I have two daughters. One is an adult, and the other is entering the teen years. I have never attempted to be a perfect mom. Trying to be perfect affects the outcome of who we are and what we expect in the end. 

For example:

Perfection requires everything must be right. If we fail to get it right, we feel guilty.

Perfection requires a lot of time, effort, and work, which leads to unnecessary stress.

Kids will feel insecure if they are not perfect all the time.

The pressure will be worse if a parent is in the “we are perfect all the time” attitude.

Perfection is Too Much Work

Perfect Mommy

Let’s face it; perfection does not exist. 

We can be our best, do our best, and try to teach our children the same. People that try to live a perfect life end up making more mistakes than those that do not. I have seen it first hand myself.

I know someone that thinks they need to know everything, and if they don’t, they will fake it. You can tell when people are faking it, and if you call them out on it, they become incredibly aggressive and defensive. I have no shame, not knowing everything. I think it would be overwhelming to expect to know everything. We are not supposed to know everything.

People that try to act so perfectly are uptight and do not know how to enjoy life. Those that live and do their very best, accept their flaws, learn from their mistakes, live longer, and are easier to be around.

So if you are on a perfect mom mission, hear me out for a second. Your kids will be beautiful if you are not perfect. It does not require perfection to raise decent kids.

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