The Spring of Cats

Spring Cat

Getting Kitty Ready for Spring

I have a ragdoll, and his fur is like owning a Siberian Husky. He grows a thick coat in the winter and sheds if of early spring.

Buddy, my Siamese Lynx Seal Point, does get a thicker coat in the winter, even though he is short hair. He is also shedding all over the place but not nearly as bad as Sweetheart (Ragdoll). Buddy sheds more in the fall.

So get those grooming brushes out and start grooming kitty weekly (minimal) if possible daily to prevent excessive hair clutter in the home.

Bath Time for Kitty?

I don’t know about you, but I do know there is no way my cats are going to let me bath them. Now is a good time after a good grooming session to bath your cat to shed off all that winter dander.

Bedding and Posts

Spring cleaning should also include washing down all areas where cats tend to nap/sleep or lay a lot. Cat scratching post could use a good cleaning with some safe cleaning material or shampoo if you will. Be sure to at least vacuum. Wash toys and bedding in the washing machine with pet-safe laundry soap. Try to use unscented if possible.

Kitty laying in a bed of flowers


Pets can get allergies, too, so pay attention during the early spring pollen season if your parents start having some allergy symptoms. Symptoms can include scratching, itching, red or irritated eyes, runny nose or eyes, breathing funny. Keep in mind animals are also affected by mold as well. Spring also means the wet season.

Trip to the Vet

Spring is an excellent time to take your pet to the vet for all their vaccinations, heartworm, flea prevention, and so forth to prepare for the spring and summer months. Even if your cat is indoors, if you have outdoor pets like a dog, you want to get your cat protected.

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