Back to School Portfolio

Back to School Portfolio

Organize Important Documents

Kids entering preschool, kindergarten, or new schools may need additional documents such as birth certifications, applications, and medical transcriptions.

Older kids that are active in after-school activities such as sports will need their physical exam and documents to get registered.

Keeping a portfolio is the best way to stay organized, so you are ready anytime the documents are needed. I always make copies of the materials and store originals in a file cabinet.

Do you have your documents ready?

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  • chaosity

    May 11, 2020 at 10:39 pm

    A portfolio for each child that attends any form of schooling can be a savior for parents with multiple kids. Keep all important documentation, medical records, tracking immunizations, and other important documents in a single portfolio per child. Do you have a portfolio? How do you organize yours?

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