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Hawaii – You had me at Hello when I first stepped into the sand with the fine grains caressing my feet. Someday we will meet again, soon.


My lifelong dream is to retire on the Big Island of Hawaii. In the meantime, I enjoy the luxury of the mountain views in Montana where I spend my months hibernating from the bitterly cold weather working on my blog, teaching adult classes, and ballet. During the springtime, I attempt to emerge from my caves and rejoin the natural world. I enjoy spending my leisure time on my patio until the summer season arrives.

During the summer months, I enjoy my break from college, classes, dance, and head up to the mountains with my nifty camper. I spend my days napping, relaxing, and sitting in front of the campfire. After all, what is the point of camping if you do not do anything. Occasionally I will go for a brief hike, and explore random areas. We are devout campers of the Absaroka mountain ranges.

When the fall appears and the weather starts to change I enjoy my patio view the last time for the year. I slowly begin to pack away all my summer toys and accessories and prepare for another round of six to eight months of winter. I start a new academic year in college, teaching for the school district, and dance at the YMCA. I am usually ambitious to see new and returning students.

Occasionally, I will pack my bags and head to Hawaii for a week or two. I have not been to Hawaii in several years. I hope to return and visit my lovely friend sometime in 2021. Until then… I will remain in the wildness part of the world battling the long months of winter and cold.

Hawaiian Crab
Hawaiian Flower

About 50 Shades of Chaos

I was a long time member of a community website called Cafemom. I think I joined around 2006 where I spent hours chattering among other women. In May 2018, the community closed the doors. The website had more than 8 million visitors a month. It was very busy with a lot of traffic. After the community closed I offered an alternative originally Mom’s Tiki Hut. I had to think of a name quickly with only two days to throw up another community website. Unfortunately, after a year the software used to run the MTH community became obsolete to further expansion and upgrade. It was also not very mobile friendly. I transferred the remaining of the community and content to 50 Shades of Chaos Community (separate domain) and I started my 50 Shades of Chaos Blog (current domain).

I have enjoyed the project enough to keep it going. My goal is to provide a safe place for women around the world to connect, share, and collaborate to lift and empower each other. My home is open to any woman that wishes to be a part of my mission.

The Title and Name 50 Shades of Chaos

The title 50 Shades of Chaos was more fitting than Mom’s Tiki Hut. I wanted the community to welcome all women no matter what their life status is. Secondly, if your life is anything like mine it is constant chaos. Even when life is good there is chaos. There is good and bad chaos. Chaos does not always mean destructive. For example, in June things get chaotic for me with dance recitals and finishing off the year. Teachers understand the word chaos as they crawl closer to the summer months. Women tend to live in a world full of chaos and juggling multiple tasks and duties. The name seems the most fitting for most that live a busy active life.

Welcome to 50 Shades of Chaos. I hope you will stay and be a part of our little place on the internet.


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