What in the #!@* is going on?

So as you know, I had to wipe this site and start all over again. Several reasons:

  1. There was some glitch keeping the site from functioning correctly.
  2. I put too many plugins on it while testing plugins. Sadly, the plugins tend to create glitches.
  3. The spammers hijacked my site groups *ugh*
  4. I had to move off a bunch of stuff from when I had it set up for Fifty Shades of Chaos Online Learning, and I decided to move my students to another site/domain.

So what now?

Now that school is officially over forever, I wanted my site back. I want to do some fun things with this site and share them with you. I struggle to organize my thoughts and have too many ideas flying around. Eventually, I will get it sorted and start working on things a little bit at a time.

What is the catch?

None! However, I need to restrict the website (community part of it) to keep the spammers out. I apologize that it will not be more public for my viewers, and I will at least allow the activity feed to be visible. So with that said, it will be required for people to participate in social interaction, sharing thoughts and ideas.

Where to begin?

I first have to build the site back up then I will decide what topics to focus on for the coming months. Can you believe that school is almost out? Wow.

Fun things – free things!

I will be doing the badges and awards again. Each year the challenges will have different themes, and I will also put up workshops focusing on various topics. Be sure to keep checking back and see what is added.

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