Intro ASL/Sign Language – Course

This workshop is an introduction to the deaf and hard of hearing culture and community. Before you can begin learning the language of ASL it is important to understand the history and culture behind it. This course is required for all future and additional ASL/Sign language classes.

april · November 8, 2020

This class is free for students enrolled for the Adult Community Course.

Explore the website with step-by-step instructions on how to perform specific tasks and activities.

Course Completion Requirement

Review all sessions in this course, then click on the “Mark Complete” button. Every “Mark Complete” button must be checked to complete this workshop.

A certificate of completion will be issued once the last “Mark Complete” button is checked at the end of this course.


Free for enrolled in-class Community Education Students

Course Fee for Online Registration is $65.00


Summer 2021 6/21/2021 – 8/2/2021

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Course materials are provided online. All participants must watch the online videos for learning exercises and print out their own documents.

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