Fifty Shades of Chaos Mobile App

Mobile App Coming Soon

Coming Near you in 2021

You heard us right! We will be working on a mobile app in 2021. Here are the benefits of having the Chaos mobile app.

  1. Stay connected so that your journaling and conversations do not fade away.
  2. Check-in on our workshops, sessions, and progression at any time – anywhere.
  3. Get instant notification on your phone.
  4. Moving above those email notifications.
  5. Available for both Android and iPhones.

Why Join Fifty Shades of Chaos?

Ever get tired of the constant notifications from social media? We do too! Sometimes it feels like we are not getting much out of it other than heavy traffic of constant posting and advertisements. Here at Fifty Shades of Chaos, we aim to provide a quiet yet social place to reflect and focus on life growth. This website focuses on you and gives you the resources and tools to help build your personal and/or professional well-being.

Join us today and check back with us in the future and download our Fifty Shades of Chaos Mobile App!

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