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  • chaosity

    November 15, 2020 at 12:14 PM


    The purpose and goal of this specific journal challenge are to utilize an online format to help participants stay active, engaged, and share thoughts. Sometimes we learn more by reading what others have to say. One may successfully improve by engaging with others or sharing thoughts and ideas. Plus, t is always fun to do projects with others involved.

    Materials Needed

    Participants will need to fully use the book Find Your F*cking Happy by Monica Sweeney to participate in this online journaling activity.

    Target: Buy Now for $10.49

    Amazon: Buy Now for $10.49 Paperback or $17.99 Spiral-Bound

    Points, Coins, and Achievement Badges

    When participants respond to assigned tasks using specific links or instructions, they can earn points for sharing content. When users earn seasonal badges by performing all of the specific tasks, they will earn coins. Achievement badges are earned by completing all tasks per season. For example, the participates in all of the weekly activities for March, April, and May. They earn points for each activity (week) and then earn the overall achievement badge for three months of activity participation. When users earn a seasonal badge, they earn coins.

    See all Badges Available

    How to Participate

    It is highly recommended that new joiners not familiar with the website tools and resources complete the Chaos Website Workshop HERE. This will help both new and veteran members understand how to perform specific tasks assigned for these projects. Tasks include:

    Posting in a group activity feed, reply to specific forums, quote specific replies in forums, post a blog, upload photos or images, add videos, and more.

    The Activities and Projects

    Each week a new blog post will be posted on the front page of the assigned book topic and page and activity to be completed. Check this forum for these activities per week. You can also follow these activities on our Facebook live is a Journey page HERE. Please note that points, coins, and achievement badges are not connected with Facebook. To earn points, coins, and badges, activities have to be performed on this website.

    Daily, Weekly, or Monthly

    This project is designed to focus on one topic per week. However, users or late joiners can choose to do multiple topics per week.


    This project will begin on ember 27, 2020, and end in December 2021. This is a year-long project.

    Get Reminders or Notifications

    If you want reminders about this project, please join the Life is a Journey website group or join our Facebook page.

    • Make sure your email settings are turned on to receive notices from this website in your account settings.
    • Check your email junk or spam and set up the correct permission settings to push our notifications to your inbox. Mark the emails as not junk or spam and set up rules.
    • Make it a habit of visiting weekly on a specific day.

    Welcome to our online journaling project! We hope you will be a part of this year-long fun-filled activity.

  • chaosity

    November 15, 2020 at 12:14 PM


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