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  • chaosity

    May 2, 2020 at 2:20 pm

    The Forum

    Coffee and Chat allows registered members the opportunity to visit and respond (earn credits) daily. Each day a new discussion will be available for members to add replies or reply to other members.

    Credits are virtual points earned when users part-take or engage performing site activities. The points can be viewed in your Profile (Credit Amount). Credits can be used to pay for access to groups, courses, workshops, and the online Gift Shoppe.

    Ranks and Badges

    Members also earn ranks and badges for their participation across the website.

    New Topics and Discussions

    Members are permitted to start their own topic and discussions. We do have a limit of one per day per member. There is a daily maximum number of credits issued per day for new topics and discussions.

    Replies & Replying

    There will be a minimum of credits for replies per day. You can reply as many times as you want; however, there is a cap on earning credits per day.


    If you want to receive notification about discussions and replies for this forum, click Subscribe.


    If you want to have specific discussions listed in your profile, click on the STAR icon (Favorite). You can see a list of your favorite discussions under your Profile.


    Click the REPLY button to start a new reply to the discussion (will go to the bottom).
    Click on the THREE DOTS on the upper right corner of the reply you wish to respond to (quoting) then click on reply (your reply will go right under the person’s comment).

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