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  • chaosity

    August 1, 2020 at 2:08 am

    Do you have stories to share with us? We are seeking anyone that wishes to share their blogs or vlogs here at Fifty Shades of Chaos.


    We are looking for different types of bloggers/vloggers that can add more insight on different topics. If our site does not have your topic, we will add it.

    Ideal Topics

    This website is devoted to helping empower women. Topics can include development, workplace, empowerment, stories, life stories, workshops, lessons, parenting, education, pets, green planet, makeup, fashion, and more.

    Earn Site Activity Credits

    Our bloggers earn virtual cash coins for posting blogs/vlogs on our site. Visit the shoppe and use your virtual coins to purchase lessons, workshops, virtual goods, or gifts sent via mail.

    Benefits of Blogging/Vlogging

    You earn virtual coins and goods plus it is a great way to promote your own personal blog/vlog, social media account, or business.

    What you Cannot Do

    We do not allow direct advertisements on our website. In other words, you cannot use the blog strictly for selling products or goods. You can blog about how to use or demonstrate your products or goods. You are allowed to link to your own personal site or shop in blog posts.

    If you are interested in blogging/vlogging through Chaos simply reply to this discussion with the topics you will be presenting, link to your site, and examples of materials you will be posting on the site.

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