Diving into the Past

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    April 28, 2020 at 8:27 am

    Exploring the Past, Present, and Future

    This project is going to take us back into the past when we were young, wild, and free. The purpose and goal is to document then outline our past, present, and future vision of ourselves.

    Sometimes we feel we have not changed, contributed, or measured up to our own expectations in life. Looking back can help us remember the things we have achieved.

    The past helps us remember things we did that were successful. We can take those ideas and build off of them to achieve great things. We can also use the past to see where we have failed. Enable to improve we need to evaluate what we can do differently in the future.

    Direction in Life

    Enable to move forward we need to have an idea of what direction we want to go in our life. This journal will help us plot our future by evaluating the past and present. Use our worksheet to draw out ideas and gather information to help you design your life direction map.

    Work through our worksheets to complete this project

    Download Worksheets

    Continue the journal after you fill out the worksheets

    Evaluate the differences

    Compare the difference between how you described yourself from the past to the present. What is your ideal future self? Was there a huge difference between childhood and the adult you now?

    Compare your dreams and the idea of life. How big of a difference is there? Did you achieve your childhood dream? Did your dream change? Is your life fitting your idea what you want it to be?

    Do you still admire your past role models? What happened if you no longer see someone as a role model? What is your ideal role model now?

    Worksheet Examples

    Conscientious-5 Diving-into-the-Past-1 Diving-into-the-Past-2 Diving-into-the-Past-3 Diving-into-the-Past-4 Diving-into-the-Past-5

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