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  • chaosity

    April 28, 2020 at 8:19 am

    Be Conscientious

    Conscientiousness implies the desire to do a task well and to take obligations to others seriously. It is a personality trait of being careful or diligent.

    Characteristics of Conscientiousness

    Responsible    Organized    Focused    Goal-Directed    Self-Control    Reliable

    Building a Conscientiousness Trait

    Make a list of goals and set timelines and actively achieve those goals.

    Steps to Conscientious

    Get organized and plan your tasks and daily activities so you can obtain responsibility in a manageable manner.

    Be responsible for motivating yourself to do the right thing daily, stick with your plan, and finish what you start.

    Focus And Self Control
    Stay focused on your goals and maintain steady progress as you work through tasks and responsibilities.

    Make sure to write your tasks and goals with specific details on how you will achieve and complete your goals. Make sure they are realistic.

    Avoid procrastination and stick with a schedule.

    Track your progress

    Track your progress by working through your list to be sure you are achieving the necessary accomplishments to improve your conscientious characteristics.

    Download our tracking worksheet to complete the project.

    Download Worksheets

    Worksheet Examples

    Conscientious-5 Conscientious-1 Conscientious-2 Conscientious-3 Conscientious-4

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