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Course Syllabus, Outline, and Description

admin March 14, 2021

Course Style: Course

Course Type: Online Only

Time and Limit: Self-Paced

Course Cost: Free

Course Hours: 4 Hours****

Instructor Name: Administrator

Instructor Email: [email protected]

Website Contact: [email protected]

Welcome Message

Welcome to the Website Course. I am excited to show you how to get the best from the website and features. If you have any questions, reach out to me through Message or Email. 

Instructor BIO

My name is April, and I am the owner and administrator of the FSOC website. I have been doing web development since 2000. My goal is to help you get familiar with the website functionality to have the best experience as a student.

Course Method

(GRR) We Do It – Instructor-guided instruction with step-by-step instructions on how to complete specific activities and tasks.

Course Objectives

The purpose of this course is to provide explicit step-by-step instructions on how to navigate and utilize different features and tasks throughout the website. Students are encouraged to follow along or retrace each video training step to ensure understanding and learning have occurred.


No unique materials are needed other than a mobile device, laptop, or computer with internet access.

Class Participation

Group Features and Layout

Groups are also considered classrooms that allow instructors and students to post important information, share ideas and thoughts. It also will enable discussions and posting valuable resources.

  • Feed Activity: Social interactive group chat
  • Discussions: Group forums for sharing ideas and resources
  • Zoom: Scheduled meets and live lectures

Zoom Meeting/Live Instructions

No live meetings or instructions will be provided for this course.

Course Sections

  • Course Introductions
  • Course Sessions
  • Course Closure

Course Sessions

  • Registration and Sign In
  • Website email notifications
  • Home page and site navigation
  • Workshop
  • Groups/Classrooms
  • Forums and Discussions
  • Profile and Account Settings
  • Posting Blogs
  • Search, Inbox, Notifications, and News Feed

Course Projects

  • List all projects

Course Assessments

  • List all course assessments.

Points and Grading

Points are earned by performing specific challenges or instructions.

You must complete the Feedback assessment in the last Session to complete the course and obtain your certificate.


  • Certificates can be saved or downloaded at the following locations.
    • Home or front of the course page
    • Profile
    • Buddy Panel under My Workshops
    • Footer (My Certificates)
  • Click on (Download Certificate) or the Download arrow icon in your profile.
  • Certificates are provided in a PDF file. Click the print icon when viewing your certificate to download and/or print your certificate.
  • If your name is not correct on your certificate, please update your profile details, put in your first and last name, and save your changes. After you save your changes, try downloading your certificate again.

Refund Policy

Refunds will not be granted after 30 days of the enrollment and payment date.

Student Responsibility

Students are responsible for working through the course exercises in a timely and fashionable manner. Students are accountable for self-motivation and completing all sessions, projects, and assessments.

Discussions and Group Activity Feed

All students should be respectful and demonstrate integrity while communicating on the group Activity Feed and Discussion Forums.