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Groups and Forums

admin November 9, 2020


Our groups help organize our workshops into categories. Groups give our users access to related workshop topics, Zoom meetings, and activity feed. Members must join groups to have full access to the features.


Forums provide a discussion format to allow our users to exchange information and communication. Forums are open to all users that wish to participate.

Locating Groups

  • You can locate groups in the Buddy Panel menu
  • You can view all groups you have joined through your Profile menu

Locating Forums

  • You can locate all available forums in the Buddy Panel menu
  • You can view all forums you are active in through the Profile menu

Understanding Groups and the Features

Enable to participate in the Activity Feed or Discussion, and you must “JOIN” the group. It is recommended members join groups to find specific topic themed WORKSHOPS and get the website and email notifications.

Group Features

  • Group Workshops: view all workshops related to the group category or theme
  • Feed: Communicate thoughts and ideas using the group activity feed. You can also find announcements and other activities through the feed.
  • Discussions: All groups have a discussion area. Discussions are forum format to allow in-depth conversations, sharing ideas, and communication.
  • Zoom: Some groups will have scheduled Zoom meetings based on the needs of the group activities and workshops.
  • Members: View all admins, moderators, and members in the group.
  • Photos & Albums: View all photos posted in the group.
  • Send Invites: Members can only send invites to other active members on the website.

Forum Features

When you click on forums, you will see all available active discussions happening on the site.

Forum titles are printed in colored oval tags for easy identifications.

Viewing Forums without a Group Attached

  • Easy identification using the oval forum tag
  • Click on Discussion topics to view the full discussion
  • Breadcrumb Links are posted at the top of the forum for easy navigation
  • Topics and replies will display the user, username, role, timestamp, and rank
  • Forums allow users to post topics and replies anonymously
  • There are two types of replies
    • Full Reply Button (Top right or bottom for mobile) replies at the bottom of the discussion
    • Quick Quote Reply arrow icon next to the username will post to the user of the reply
    • The Three Dots Feature: allows members to edit replies or topics
  • Full Site View allows users to quickly scroll from top, middle, and bottom of discussion located on the right side under the reply button
  • Click the heart to like a reply or topic

Customizing Topics and Replies and Features

  • Aa icon allows users to style the text, add a link, add a quote box, and lists bullets.
  • The Camera icon allows users to upload images or photos.
    • You can copy/paste images from browser to browser into the reply box.
    • You can also copy/paste video URLs into the reply box, and the video will display when you click on reply. The system currently supports YouTube and Vimeo videos.
  • The Emojis icon allows you to add emojis to your reply or topic. You can also use multiple default emojis from your mobile device.
  • Anonymous Checkbox allows users to post or reply anonymously

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