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Profile and Account Settings

admin March 14, 2021

Users should become familiar with using the profile for tracking active areas of the website and account settings.


  • Click on your own avatar, username anywhere across the website, or Profile in the Buddy Panel or top user setting menu.
  • Timeline: User personal activity feed of all events and activities across the website. The timeline also has a submenu/links to preview Likes, Connections, Groups, Mentions, and Following.
  • The Profile allows users to update their profile information by clicking on Edit Profile. Update First Name, Last Name (for certificates), and nickname/username to be displayed across the site. Users can also update and share social media accounts or websites under Social Connections.
  • Update Profile photo and cover photo.
  • Classes will list all joined Workshops/Courses/Tutorials the user has enrolled, including a list of earned certificates. Users can view, download, and print certificates from this area.
  • The blog will list all blogs personal, semi-private, or private in this area. Users can also create new blog posts by clicking on Add New Post. View all bookmarked blogs and blog drafts.
  • Groups will list all joined Groups/Classrooms gives users quick access to joined only groups. You can also find group invites in this section.
  • Forums will list all active forum discussions and discussions with replies. You can easily access all of your replies and list of favorite discussions (when clicking the star on discussions.
  • Coins are virtually earned and can be spent purchasing prizes, goods, access to private groups, workshops, courses, and tutorials.
  • Achievements will list all earned by participating in specific activities and instructions across the site in groups, forums, courses, and tutorials.
  • Ranks are earned through site participation and activities. Each time you earn a new rank, you earn more coins.
  • Connections are like “friendships” people you connect with on the website.
  • Photos list all images or photos added to your profile album.
  • Email invites allow members to invite friends, family, and co-workers.

Account Settings

  • Account settings link can be found in the top user menu or the side Buddy Panel.
  • Login information allows users to update email for website login and notifications.
  • Email preference allows users to fine-tune how they receive email notifications from the website. Settings included are activity feed, messages, social groups/classroom, and connections.
  • Privacy setting allows users to adjust what others can see on their profile.
  • Group invites can be found in this area.
  • Export Data allows users to download all data on their profile.
  • Delete account allows users to disconnect from the website. Please note that when deleting an account, it will delete all profile data. It will not delete group and activity activities. It will delete workshop, course, and tutorial progress, enrollment, and certificates.