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The Site Skeleton

admin November 9, 2020

This tutorial will help you understand the site concept and navigating to the right areas.

Keep in mind that some areas are only available for logged-in members. It is not required you have to log in or register to view some of the site content. You will be required to log in or register if you wish to enroll in the workshops.

Registration & Logging

  • Two options to sign in
    Make sure you log in using the same method each time.
    • Social Media Login
    • Email Registration
      Please check your spam/junk folder for FSOF Online Learning emails. You must verify your registration using a verification code/link. See your email to complete the registration process.

If you try to log in using a username and password (social media login), the system will not identify your credentials. Make sure you log in using the same method each time. For example, you register using Google sign-in. It would be best if you used Google sign-in each time you visit.

If you registered using an email login you will use your username and password to log in.

If you are not receiving emails from our website, please check your mailbox spam/junk folder and change the settings for your email (not spam/junk).

Home Page for Logged in Users

If you are logged into our website you will see some differences. You will notice your username on the home page of the website and top right. You will also notice different links in the left side Buddy Panel and icons on the top right.

Top Menu

The top menu has the following elements:

  • Links (Courses, Tutorials, Workshops, Groups)
  • Fifty Shades of Chaos Online Learning Logo (will always take you to the home page)
  • Your username with user menu (clicking on the arrow)
  • Your avatar that links to your profile
  • Icons (Search, Inbox/Messages, Bell Notifications)

Additional Important Components

Accessing your profile by clicking on your Username, Avatar, Profile in the Buddy Panel

Search the site by clicking on the search icon at the top right

View or send messages by clicking on the inbox icon at the top right

View and manage site notifications by clicking on the bell icon at the top right

Buddy Panel Menu

The Buddy Panel is located on the left side of the screen and tucked in the site menu on mobile view. The Buddy Panel for logged in users includes:

  • List of all enrolled classes
  • List of all groups/classrooms joined
  • List of all active forums and discussions
  • List of all blogs created by you
  • Access to your profile
  • List of all your connections/friendships
  • Access to your account settings


The footer is at the bottom of the website and has the following elements:

  • In-Person class schedules
  • Current online class schedules
  • Future class schedules
  • Links to different parts of the website
    • My Courses – List of all your enrolled courses
    • My Certificates – List of all certificates you earned
    • My Groups – List of all groups/classrooms you joined
    • My Achievements – List of all badges earned
    • Getting Started – How to get registered
    • All Available Online Courses
    • All Posted Blogs
    • All Available Forums
    • All Available Groups/Classrooms
    • Site Activities News Feed

When you have completed this section, click on the “Mark as Completed” button. Next – Website Overview: Website Home Page