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User Profile and Account

admin November 9, 2020


Your profile is a great resource to locate all of our current activities, such as groups you joined, workshops in progress or completed, forums you are active in, ranks, achievements, and more. Members should utilize the profile to track personal site activities and progress.

New joiners should update their profile details after registration or sign in for the first time. Members can control what information is displayed or hidden.

Locating Your Profile


Click on your avatar on the top right corner of the Profile navigation menu next to the avatar

Mobile View

Click on the avatar in the menu at the top

Profile Overview

  • Profile Details – Editing your profile
    • Edit profile details (social network and information)
    • Update profile photo
    • Update profile cover photo
  • Timeline
    • Personal activity feed, likes, connections, groups, mentions, following
  • Groups
    • My Workshops
    • My Certificates
  • Achievements/Badges
    • List of Available Badges & Achievements
  • Blog (list of all personal blogs posted)
    • Published blogs – Add New Blog Post
    • Bookmarks
    • Drafts
  • Groups
    • List of all joined groups
    • Group invitations
  • Forums
    • List of all actively engaged discussions
    • List of all actively engaged replies
    • List of favorite discussions
  • Connection (people you are connected to)
    • Connection Requests
  • Photos
    • Albums
  • Email Invites
    • Send Invites
    • Sent Invites

Account Settings

User account settings give members control over how they use the website. 

  • Update login password and email
  • Email notification preferences
  • Privacy control
  • Group invites (accept or decline)
  • Export all data from your profile and account

Locating Your Account Settings


Click on the Profile menu at the top right


Click on My Account by your avatar

Highly recommended you leave emails turned on for groups to get notifications on workshops and more. We do not send use a mailing list.

Check your email status from Fifty Shades of Chaos (junk mail) and set the appropriate setting on all incoming emails.

When you have completed this section, click on the “Mark as Completed” button.