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Workshops, Courses, & Tutorials

admin March 14, 2021
  • Free classes are either open to the public or members only.
  • Paid classes are closed to the public. To access paid classes, a student must be registered and/or signed in.
  • Classes can be paid using website virtual coins, class points, or PayPal.
  • In-Class students get automatic access to workshops or courses they have enrolled in at Community Education.
  • Workshops are overview, lectures, or presentation classes with minimal activities.
  • Courses are step-by-step classes that offer different media to guide students about the subject or topic.
  • Tutorials are project, assignment, and assessment-based classes.
  • To enroll in a class, click on the enroll button on the class home page.
  • Review all requirements and materials necessary for the class.
  • All classes must be 100% complete to earn a certificate.
  • Classes are broken up into the following sections:
    • Introduction (Welcome, Introduction, and Overview)
    • Sections and Sessions (Course content, projects, assignments, and/or assessments)
    • Class Closure with a final assessment to complete the class. Students must complete the assessment to earn a certificate. Workshops and courses usually have a feedback-style assessment.
  • When you click on a session, project, assignment, or assessment, the website structure changes into the online classroom version. Desktop users have a course menu on the left side of the screen. Mobile users will need to click the diagonal arrow to view the course menu.
  • The course menu displays what sections and sessions have been completed.
  • Course view screen has a dark mode option at the top right of the screen.
  • You can quickly navigate to sessions using the left-side course menu.
  • Students must click the Mark as Complete button at the end of every session, project, assignment, and assessment. If sessions are not marked as complete, the system will assume that session is incomplete.
  • There are several ways to navigate the class. The breadcrumb links at the top of the screen, the forward and back button at the top right, and the class menu.

See the video for a full view of how to navigate through a workshop.