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admin November 9, 2020

Locating Workshops

My Workshops

Any time you see MY Workshop it means it will list only workshops you are enrolled

All Workshops will list all available workshops

Places you can locate your enrolled workshops

  • Buddy Panel (My Workshops)
  • Top Navigation (List of all Courses, Workshops, and Tutorials)
  • Footer (My Workshops and All Workshops)

My = Only enrolled Workshops/Classes

All = Listing of all available Workshops/Classes

Paying for Workshops

In-Class Community Education paid and active students get free access to workshop enrollment. If you do not have access to your class workshop, course, or tutorial contact me.

  • Pay using PayPal (Credit or Debit Card)
  • Use your virtual site coins – earned by doing specific activities across the website
  • Use your points – earned by completing workshops, courses, and tutorials

Workshop Types

Workshops are strictly lecture-based to offer some introduction or in-depth information before enrolling in the course and tutorial classes.

  1. Workshops are the I Do It (GRR) method where the instructor leads the content and materials providing information about the subject/topic.
  2. The purpose is to give a full overview of the subject-topic.
  3. Workshops use a lot of visual and auditory materials.
  4. Workshops are sometimes required and are always recommended before enrolling in courses and tutorials.
  5. All workshops offer a participation certificate.


Courses demonstrate the We Do It and You Do It Together (GRR) method both instructor and students work through the sessions and projects together.

  1. Instructors lead courses while students follow through a step-by-step process.
  2. Courses offer various media and resources to enhance online learning, such as presentations, Zoom meetings, videos, and reading materials.
  3. The purpose is to allow students to watch and demonstrate the exercises to ensure learning is taking place.
  4. Students will utilize the Group/Classroom for exchanging information, ask questions, and collaborate with others.
  5. All courses offer a completion certificate.


Tutorials demonstrate the You Do It (GRR) method; the student will use projects and assessment tools to demonstrate learning has occurred.

  1. Tutorials are led by the students working through different exercises or projects.
  2. Teachers offer feedback on exercises and projects to enhance learning and applying skills and knowledge to the subject.
  3. Some assessments require a specific score to proceed or complete the tutorial class.
  4. Students can continue to connect with others in the Group/Classroom for support and feed-back.
  5. All tutorials offer a completion certificate.

Navigating Through Classes

  • Always check for class requirements
    • Books and other materials
    • Restrictions or Prerequisites
    • Cost (Payment, Coins, or Points)
    • Time and Commitment (some courses are self-paced others may require strict schedules and meetings)
  • Get enrolled using the Enrollment button
  • Review the following sections
    • Welcome
    • Introduction
    • Highlights
    • All available sessions
    • All assigned projects
    • All assigned assessments
  • Utilize the workshop left side navigation (mobile users need to activate the course menu by clicking on the double arrow at the top right
  • Pay attention to completed and incomplete sessions/sections
  • Always mark every session/section as COMPLETE to move onto the next lesson
  • If you enter a session that is complete scroll to the top to navigate Previous or Next lessons
  • If Mark Complete will not work please check the following
    • Did you complete all assigned projects?
    • Did you complete all assigned assessments?
    • Is there an interactive step you missed?
  • If you cannot move onto the next session/section make sure all previous sessions are checked or marked as complete
  • A dark mode option is available by clicking the round icons at the top right
  • You can also navigate between sessions using the breadcrumb menu


A certificate is automatically generated at the end of each workshop, course, and tutorial. A link to your certificate will be provided on the Workshop, Course, Tutorial front page when everything has been completed.

You can also find your certificate under your Profile.

Name on the Certificate

If you only put your first name in your profile user information section, the certificate will only print your first name. If you left your name blank, it would print your user name. You must complete both First and Last name fields in your profile to get the certificate to print your full name. When users update the profile, they can return to the certificate section and re-print the certificate with their full name. The certificate is auto-generated and will print any changes you have made in your profile.

When you have completed this section, click on the “Mark as Completed” button. Next – TOP WEBSITE NAVIGATION: User Profile and Account