50 Shades of Chaos Blog

Not Just Another Blog…

The motto is to live one chaotic day at a time. Life is chaos even when we have it together. I have learned to embrace the chaos in my life. You can choose to fight it or learn to work with it. Chaos isn’t always bad if you maintain some control. Chaos helps us keep us on our toes.

I crafted this site with a touch of love and commitment. I like to cover a variation of topics. I hope you will find your place here at 50 Shades of Chaos. Things you will find here…

Family Life: I am a mom and it is a big part of my life

Devotion: You will find words of inspiration and devotion

Health & Beauty: You will learn I have a paraben allergy. I am 1% of the population allergic to preservatives. I am committed to living a healthier lifestyle.

The Love for Fur: I adore my pets. They are part of the family and very spoiled.

Fun Stuff: I like to add random fun things in my community and here on my blog.

Professional & Educational Development: My current state is to improve my life in educational and professional development.

Equality: I am very passionate about equal rights, civil rights, and equality.

Story Telling: Every now and then I write a personal story or blog.